Whole Vanilla Coconut Smoothie 200ml Aseptic

Whole Coconut Smoothie 200ml aseptic 02

Brand :

RITA or OEM/ODM available

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Volume :

200 ml

Packaging :

Box Paper Aseptic

Shelf life :

12 months

Payment term :


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Delivery time :

20 -25 Days after confirm the order.

Certification :


Minimum order quantity :

200 Carton/Order

Port :

Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam.

Supply ability :

300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month.


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      Rita Vanilla Cinnamon Coconut Smoothie is a flavorful, healthful smoothie with a combination of coconut water, young coconut meat, vanilla, and cinnamon. The coconut smoothie is sweet and creamy, the vanilla and cinnamon complement each other perfectly brings out the flavor in everything. It will be a great choice to start the day or a delicious refresher after an energizing workout.

      - Packed in 200 ml paper box; easy to take for a picnic, school and sightseeing, etc.

      - A closed-cycle production line with modern aseptic UHT technology to keep true flavor and nutrition facts.

      - Sterilized paper packaging protects products from light, moisture, oxidation, bacteria, etc.



      1. Prevents kidney stones

      Coconut smoothie can reduce the amount of deposited calcium which is the main cause of kidney stones. Drinking coconut smoothies also prevent harmful free radicals which create the stone formation.

      1. Removes harmful free radicals

      Coconut smoothie contains many vitamins and powerful antioxidants that can remove these harmful free radicals. They are supposed to help the body will be healthier and younger.

      1. Strengthens the immune system

      Coconut smoothie is rich in important nutrients such as lauric acid, hydrochloric acid and iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium minerals. All minerals might help to strengthen the immune system.

      1. Strengthens bone health

      Coconut smoothie contains essential minerals, especially calcium and manganese. These minerals play an important role in the development of bones and teeth. Children and teenagers should drink more coconut smoothies to improve their bones healthier.

      1. Provides energy

      Coconut smoothie provides the body with a lot of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, protein, vitamin C, fiber, iron, ... Thanks to the high mineral content in coconut water, it will help to balance the system and heal wounds quickly.

      1. Helps to support the treatment of diabetes

      The coconut smoothie contains an amino acid called Arginine, which is an amino acid that can help the body release insulin to help balance blood sugar for the body. That is the reason why it can help to support the treatment of diabetes for patients who are suffering.

      1. Acts as an antioxidant

      Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they help the body reduce oxidative stress, which has been proven to damage cells and contribute to nearly every chronic disease.

      1. Helps with anxiety

      The strong aroma of vanilla is known to have a direct impact on the nerves that induce calm and relieve stress.

      1. Protects your heart

      Both vanilla and cinnamon can reduce cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol helps to prevent inflammation of the arteries and blood clots. This is very important for those who are at high risk of heart attacks and strokes.


      We are in the tropical region of Vietnam:

      Being geographically located in the tropical zone, Vietnam is truly a heaven when it comes to fruits. One who first comes to the country will be amazed at the countless number of colorful fruits sold at a very reasonable price in every street and market all year round.

      Tropical fruits are often found very nutritious, providing a rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins (especially A and C), minerals and fibers. Its flavor is often the extreme of either sweet or sour, and many come with a particular fragrance that is unmistakable.
      Due to the typical weather conditions of Vietnam, the fruit’s colors are vibrantly eye-catching, with red, yellow and orange among the most popular ones. The abundance of fruits in the region also means that people use fruits in many different ways: eating raw, making juices, mixing salad, preserving jams and many other delicious desserts.
      In northern Vietnam and central highland areas, where the temperature is cooler with four separate seasons, farmers also grow temperate fruits such as apple, strawberry, cherry, grape, peach, or pear, making the collection of fruits in Vietnam an extremely rich one.

      Working with us:

      When you work with us you will be satisfied with the quality and our service:

      1/ Passed the certificate of FDA/HACCP/ISO/SGS/QS/KOSHER/HALAL etc;

      2/ More years of experience serving the world's supermarkets, online shops, wholesalers, importers, Retail stores.

      3/ Working with us, you can lower your cost for premium drinks, as we are a direct factory and have the economy of sale, Our staff will assist, advise you for your distribution.

      4/ Our products are made from natural ingredients, real fruit, not from concentrated, no preservative.

      5/ Right reserved attractive bottle, can shapes, make follow your request for bottle, can ...

      6/ Free samples, free design label and supporting promotion;

      7/ Our design team offering original designs, barcodes, private brands will give you a more beautiful design.

      8/ Provide the OEM.

      9/ Competitive Rate.

      factory rita beverage 2019
      Rita's beverage factory

      The reasons why you can rely on us for quality drinks:

      - Fruit harvesting properly ensures sweet and sour moderation.

      - Only select the fresh and hygienic fruit as raw material.

      - Professional R&D team keeps improving the formula and process to get better taste and high-quality beverages.

      - Talented design team offering original designs for labels, packages, barcodes.

      - Abundant experience serving the world's supermarkets, online shops, wholesalers, importers.

      - Lower your cost from free samples and design labels.

      - Improve your competition by supporting promotions regularly.

      - Right reserved attractive bottle shapes.

      factory rita beverage
      Rita's beverage factory

      Rita Food and Drink Co.,Ltd are a leading name in manufacturing and exporting the best fruit juice.







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We are proud to bring to our customers healthy products with highest quality and greatest taste.


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Our fruit are carefully chosen from the renowned farms tropical fruit of Vietnam - known for their high yield and high quality.

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Our products are present in over 130 nations worldwide.







During our production process, all steps are strictly supervised and controlled, from raw material input to final products, and toxic chemicals are absolutely free of use to make sure our products meet international standards. RITA’s products have achieved important certificates for both the domestic and international markets, including: ISO,KOSHER, HALAL, ORGANIC (USDA, EU), FSSC 22000, FDA, BSCI,and so on Our products are presented in over 130 nations worldwide.




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