Our Mission and Values

At RITA we believe that business and society can thrive together. We always want to bring the best health for the community. Our products 100% natural fruitRITA Vietnam

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Our Mission

  • Boost life value through the provision of beverage products in high quality, safe and nutrition
  • Bring practical benefits to the Nation, shareholders, customers, partners, employees and society
  • Protect consumers through technology systems are strictly controlled, support community’s benefit and ensure environment. 
  • Buid up overall development strategy to 2020 and vision to 2025
  • Restructure the company, enhance competitiveness, and strive to exceed the target setup
  • Invest machinery and equipment to maintain existing production plants, continue to expand the scale of production and sales of products
  • Invest on setting up the sales team, consolidate and develop distribution systems, increase coverage of product
  • Invest into the market, innovate design of packaging, increase brand’s
  • Maintain the leading position in beverage manufacturing
  • Diversify nutritional valued products to meet consumer tastes
  • Build corporation culture and practice of conduct

Our Vision & Values

  • In future target, we expect to develop as much high quality goods, set up our position and become the closest brand name RITA in the world.

Our Services

  • OEM Beverage manufacturing
  • We expect to cooperate with you through the forms of district agent,distributor, or OEM / ODMwhatever could satisfy your demand
  • Free Design - Free Sample - Low MOQ

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