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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita's Journey: Exploring the Latest Trends at PLMA Exhibition 2024

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Exploring the Latest Trends at PLMA Exhibition 2024

Rita Company is thrilled to be part of the prestigious World of Private Label PLMAs in Amsterdam on May 28-29, 2024. This fair attracted 2,900 showroom developers from 70 countries. At the same time, it attracted 16,000 visitors from 120 countries. This event is the ultimate platform for exploring the latest trends and forging new partnerships in the private label industry. 


Two Days at PLMA with Rita - Discovering New Opportunities in Private Label

For Rita, a leading manufacturer of private label products, PLMA is an invaluable opportunity to showcase its expertise and connect with potential collaborators. Our spacious and welcoming booth at the RAI Exhibition Center provides a perfect setting for meaningful discussions and generating new ideas.



During the fair's first day, Rita's booth witnessed a surge in interest from attendees. The high curiosity and appreciation for our products and private-label manufacturing capabilities reinforce our position as a trusted partner in the industry. A customer from the UK expressed great appreciation for the milk tea product. This product features a perfect blend of black tea leaves, non-dairy creamer, pure milk powder, and tapioca pearls, offering an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The first day of the fair was filled with engaging meetings. Stay tuned for updates in the next section.

πŸ”° Welcome to the booth of Rita Beverage Company

πŸ”° π‡πšπ₯π₯ πŸ’, 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐭𝐑 πŸ’A.14 - The RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

πŸ“ Public Day: 28 - 29 May, 2024

Customer join Rita booth at PLMA 2024

Customers visit Rita booth at PLMA 2024

Rita booth at PLMA 2024

Exciting Business Opportunities Will Emerge Following The PLMA

During the two-day fair, the company's booth attracted an impressive crowd of visitors. These accomplishments highlight the reputation and quality of products in the global market, which is known for meeting high standards and strict quality criteria. All products of Rita were praised for maintaining the ingredients' natural flavors, providing customers a distinct and enjoyable culinary experience. The company was thrilled to see customers' genuine interest in its diverse product range, which includes tropical fruit juices, Vietnamese coffee drinks, coconut products, energy drinks, aloe vera drinks, and more.

The positive reception for their latest offering, Rita Basil Seed Drink, was particularly heartwarming.  Basil seeds with fruit flavor offer a captivating blend of nature's purest elements, combining the unique, gentle crunch of basil seeds with the vibrant sweetness of tropical fruits. This delightful fusion transforms ordinary beverages into refreshing, healthful elixirs, perfect for invigorating the senses and providing a delicious escape from the everyday.

Customer meetings at PLMA have opened up many promising business opportunities for Rita Company. These interactions have laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations, partnerships, and ventures, signaling a significant growth trajectory for the company in the upcoming months and years.

Poster 21 flavours Basil Seed drink 290ml 01 min

The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

The PLMA is a non-profit trade association established in 1979 to support and advocate for private label manufacturers worldwide. With over 4500 members representing companies of all sizes, PLMA's reach extends across continents.

Members manufacture diverse products, including food, beverages, household items, and personal care products. Some manufacturers specialize in private label production, while others manufacture well-known brands.

PLMA has been pivotal in promoting private-label products through trade shows, conferences, educational programs, and market research initiatives. Their events and resources provide its members invaluable networking and business development opportunities.

Rita booth at PLMA Netherlands 2024

Rita booth at 2024 PLMA Netherlands




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