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Rita News - RITA office company
Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Company Guarantees Quality From Farm To Product For Organic Coconuts

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Rita cooperative organic coconut area located in Ben Tre

Located in the picturesque landscapes of the Mekong Delta, the province of Ben Tre thrives as an eminent hub for coconut cultivation, proudly holding the title of Vietnam's largest coconut-growing area.

Rita Cooperates With An Organic Coconut Farm In Ben Tre Province

Embraced by lush surroundings, the coconuts nurtured in this region have earned widespread acclaim for their unparalleled flavor, setting them apart from those grown in other parts of the country.

Rita cooperative coconut area located in Ben Tre

From the very first day of its establishment, Rita Company has applied the sustainable development method associated with cultivating organic coconut materials according to strict international standards. Our focus on sourcing high-quality raw materials ensures we consistently deliver our valued customers the highest quality coconut products.

Over several years, Rita has fostered a fruitful collaboration with this remarkable organic coconut garden, covering 10 hectares in the Mo Cay district, Ben Tre province. Impressively, this farm boasts an annual production of 150,000 coconuts, a testament to its unwavering dedication to sustainable and organic practices.

Oganic coconut water from Rita cooperative coconut area

Beyond mere quantity, the farm's commitment to delivering excellence remains steadfast, with an unwavering pursuit of the highest quality coconuts. Rita takes great pride in partnering with such an exceptional farm, allowing them to bring the finest coconut products to discerning customers worldwide. This unwavering commitment extends from the coconut growers to the producers, ensuring a harmonious and dedicated effort in adhering to the highest standards.

At the heart of their agricultural philosophy lies the revered three no's farming principle, which guides their practices. First and foremost, chemical fertilizers are strictly forbidden, preserving the soil's fertility and ecological balance. In tandem, they eschew the utilization of pesticides, fostering a natural environment where coconuts thrive without the interference of harmful chemicals.

Moreover, recognizing the significance of sustainable livestock management, Rita's cooperative organic coconut area diligently forbids the grazing of animals on their lush coconut groves. This prudent decision safeguards the integrity of the coconut trees, ensuring that the produce remains free from contamination and thoroughly imbued with natural purity.


Rita’s Modern Production Technology Ensures Perfect Product Quality

Rita company carefully handpicks high-quality coconuts to serve as the key ingredients for our range of premium products, which includes coconut water, , coconut water with nata de coco, coconut water with pulp, sparkling coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut milk with pulp, among others. This meticulous selection ensures that only the finest coconuts are used, resulting in exceptional flavors and unparalleled freshness in our offerings. Before being deemed suitable for production, every raw coconut undergoes a meticulous selection process, subject to rigorous testing to meet the exacting USDA organic standards of the US, EU, and JAS of Japan. The evaluation process is not solely reliant on the expertise of purchasing specialists but also incorporates cutting-edge techniques and machinery, ensuring absolute precision and accuracy.

Rita coconut milk with nata de coco

With cutting-edge technology in their production line, Rita ensures unparalleled quality control at every process stage. From the organic coconut farms to the final products, such as fresh coconut water or coconut milk, coconut milk with nata de coco, every step undergoes rigorous scrutiny, safeguarding the genuine essence of nature in each sip. This unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards guarantees that customers experience the authentic and unadulterated flavors of nature in every product they enjoy.

Embodying the core values of organic purity and sustainable practices, Rita has carved a niche as a beloved and highly sought-after coconut brand on the global stage. Its commitment to delivering the finest and most natural coconut products resonates with discerning consumers worldwide, making Rita synonymous with uncompromising quality and genuine environmental appreciation.

From organic coconut farms, Rita delivers the pure essence of nature in every sip making it a beloved and sought-after coconut brand internationally.




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