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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Revealing The Secret Of Rita Company's Product-Filling Line

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Revealing The Secret Of Rita Company's Product-Filling Line

As we continue our journey through Rita's production process, we are delighted to present the product-filling production line area. At present, Rita Company operates a total of 15 product filling lines, with each line tailored to accommodate various packaging types.

 The filling product line within a beverage company serves as the core of the production process, meticulously measuring and dispensing liquids into their designated containers. This step ensures that every bottle or package contains the precise amount of product, a critical factor in maintaining the consistent quality consumers have come to recognize and savor in favorite beverages.


Filling Line For Cans

Rita Filling Can Production Line

The aluminum can filling line holds a position of high popularity within Rita. These lines run continuously to satisfy the robust demand for a diverse array of beverages, encompassing fruit juices, coconut water, and energy drinks, among others.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency is further exemplified by integrating an automated filling line with a cutting-edge capping machine. This innovation enhances productivity and allows us to expand our product range to include items with pulp and nata de coco. Presently, coconut jelly and plip-infused products are gaining immense popularity in the market, owing to their distinctive flavors and delightful textures. Rita Company's dedication to excellence ensures our customer's access to a diverse range of high-quality beverages.


Filling Line For Paper Box

Rita Filling Paper Box Production Line

In the modern consumer landscape, paper boxes have emerged as one of the most favored packaging solutions. Their eco-friendly and versatile nature has made them a prominent choice for various products. 

What sets this operation apart is the meticulous control of every production parameter. This cutting-edge technology ensures that each product that comes off the line meets our stringent quality standards, promising not only a delightful taste but also an eco-conscious packaging solution that aligns with the latest market trends.

An assortment of beverages, such as juice, coconut milk, drinking yogurt, milk tea, and more, find their home in paper boxes that span capacities from 200ml to 1000ml. At the heart of this packaging innovation lies the adoption of state-of-the-art UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology, a pivotal factor in safeguarding the highest nutritional value and essential nutrients in these liquid refreshments.


Filling Line For Pet And PP Bottle

Rita Filling Pet Bottle Production Line

Aloe vera juice stands out as one of Rita's best-selling products. The preferred choice for packaging aloe vera juice is plastic bottles, which are the most popular choice among consumers. These bottles provide a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for our customers. Not only aloe vera, plastic bottles are also very suitable for packaging fruit juices, coconut water, etc.

Notably, at Rita Company, our filling line operates with outstanding efficiency and accuracy. It runs smoothly, ensuring a seamless production process. This high operational efficiency is characterized by outstanding productivity, allowing us to respond to significant order volumes quickly. The plastic bottle filling line is very flexible and suitable for many types of products, with capacities from 500ml to 1000ml. Furthermore, this production line offers extensive customization options, making it adaptable to produce different products tailored to specific needs.


Filling Line For Glass Bottle

Rita Filling Glass Bottle Production Line

We want to present the glass bottle packaging filling line as our final introduction. Presently, there is a significant market demand for products featuring pulp and nata de coco. Rita's glass filling line is exceptionally well-prepared to fulfill this demand, guaranteeing a flawless and visually impressive nata de coco filling process for all to witness.

The glass bottle-filling production line is highly versatile and can accommodate various bottle types. What sets this line apart is its ability to be tailored to fit the specific neck diameters of a wide range of bottles. Whether you require a capacity of 280ml, 290ml, 400ml, or 490ml, this flexible filling line is equipped to meet your diverse production needs. Its adaptability ensures that it can cater to various bottle sizes and capacities. 

Rita Filling PP Bottle Production Line


Here's a brief overview of the current filling lines at Rita's factory. As we move forward, Rita is dedicated to enhancing its production capabilities by investing in developing new production lines. These investments are driven by our commitment to continuously meet and exceed the evolving needs and demands of our valued customers.


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