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RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Beverage

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RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Lunar New Year Arrives - Radiating Love for Everyone

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Lunar New Year Arrives - Radiating Love for Everyone

In tune with the flow of time, a new Lunar New Year is on the horizon. As the current year reaches its conclusion, Rita has arranged a variety of activities to share love and kindness with both the community and the hardworking employees of the company.





Participate in the charity program "Xuan Bien Cuong 2024."

Commencing year-end activities, Rita Company took part in the "Xuan Bien Cuong 2024" program in Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop district, Binh Phuoc province. This volunteer program, "Xuan Bien Cuong 2024," holds profound significance with its dedicated commitment to humanitarian endeavors. The program encompasses a variety of activities, including distributing booklets and school supplies to students, providing gifts to underprivileged families, delivering milk to children, distributing solar lights, etc.

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RITA tham gia thien nguyen Xuan Bien Cuong 2024 6   RITA tham gia thien nguyen Xuan Bien Cuong 2024 8

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This journey involved the collaboration of numerous agencies, organizations, and philanthropists. Rita Company contributed fruit juice, bird's nest drink, carbonated water, aloe vera juice, and cash, totaling a value of 20 million VND. Our participation in this program reflects our commitment to fostering community solidarity and collectively creating a joyous spring. Rita will attend more volunteer activities in the future, guided by the belief that "giving is forever."


The Union Gave 400 Gifts To Union Members

As the year ends, Rita's staff consistently experiences abundant generous gifts from the company and the union. Following the customary tradition, Rita's Trade Union distributed 400 presents to its union members. Each gift package includes cookies, cashew nuts, and cooking oil. These thoughtful gifts, specially tailored for the Lunar New Year, significantly enhance the sense of abundance and prosperity during spring.

These gifts are tangible expressions of care and heartfelt words of encouragement for the union members who have dedicated their efforts throughout the preceding year. This tradition instills a sense of pride among employees and serves as a motivating force in their professional endeavors.  This leads to a friendly and positive workplace at Rita, where everyone feels connected and committed to working together


Rita Union gives gifts to staff  The gifts of Rita Union

  Rita company lunnar new year gifts


Endless excitement at the year-end party 2023

Year End Party 2023 1024x447

Continuing the series of entertainment events at the end of the year, on January 28, Rita company held a year-end party, "Goodbye 2023 - Welcome 2024". This is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the past year and express expectations for the new year with outstanding success.

2023 is a meaningful year for Rita's family. Despite numerous challenges, we triumphed and achieved our goals. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all Rita members for their steadfast dedication, significantly contributing to the year's remarkable success.

Rita Year End party 2023 Rita company Year End Party 2023 64




As usual, the year-end party is an opportunity for Rita company to honor members who have made outstanding contributions in the past year. Accordingly, the company kept the Top 3 excellent sales staff, Great sales staff, Best new sales staff, Sales staff have the most new customers, Sales staff have the most orders for Pet bottle products, and Sales staff have the most orders for paper box products. At the same time, the company also honored 40 excellent employees, 113 of whom have worked at Rita for over five years. We sincerely thank everyone for their contributions in the past year. With everyone, Rita company is as strong as it is today.

The highlight of the year-end party is undoubtedly the thrilling "DRAWING FOR PRIZES WORTH UP TO 400 MILLION VND". Among the prizes are 3 Wave Alpha motorbikes, four electric bicycles, three 43-inch TVs, five phones, and over 130 other valuable gifts. Notably, Rita company demonstrates exceptional generosity by distributing lucky money to all employees who don't win in the draw. Regardless of its value, each gift symbolizes the company's commitment to employee welfare and marks the beginning of a new year filled with prosperity and good fortune.

The year 2024 marks a significant milestone in the 20-year journey of Rita Company, highlighting its formation and robust growth. With a commitment to elevating business operations to new heights, our team is poised with vigor and synergy to excel. Our foremost objective is continually enhancing production capacity and product quality to meet evolving market demands. We maximize value for customers, partners, communities, and employees, solidifying Rita as a trusted and esteemed brand.

The exuberant conclusion of the 2023 year-end party heralds a joyous and prosperous Tet season. But are Rita Company's New Year festivities truly over? Let's wait together and see what unfolds.


Rita Company's Spring Blessing - A Warrm Gesture

On February 3rd, Rita Company continues to give meaningful gifts to mark the upcoming new year. Rita Company delighted its employees with 400 gifts. Each package contained a refreshing assortment of soft drinks and Tet bird's nest gift box.

As Tet looms closer, households bustle with activity—cleaning, cooking, and a flurry of preparations take precedence. During Tết holidays, we are filled with joyous traditions, from pagoda ceremonies to New Year's well-wishes and spring outings. Rita beverages pledge to provide a refreshing burst of energy, revitalizing and invigorating individuals, enriching and enlivening the festive atmosphere.

As the year draws to a close, anticipation fills the air as everyone eagerly awaits family reunions. Rita Company's thoughtful gifts add a special touch to Tet celebrations, making them even more memorable. Let's join hands in the new year to propel Rita Company towards greater tremendous success.

On the auspicious occasion of the Lunar New Year, we extend our heartfelt wishes for you to achieve all your life's goals and succeed at every turn. May 2024 be filled with joy and outstanding accomplishments.


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