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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Rita Beverage

Rita Beverage

RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Insights into the Rita's Beverage Packaging Production Line

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Rita Packaging Production Line

Please continue sharing updates about Rita's production activities and products. Our next focus is on the factory's packaging production line. Rita has implemented automated packaging lines as a strategic measure to enhance the quality and overall productivity of the packaging process.


Each product goes through a separate packaging process in Rita Company's beverage production process. This process includes stamping, printing expiration dates, shrinking packaging, carefully placing it in cartons or trays, and other steps. Our standard packaging includes sets of 24 products in a carton or tray. Still, we also offer flexibility with custom quantities such as 6 or 12, ensuring diverse consumer preferences and market demands are met.

Aluminum Can Packaging Line

The aluminum can packing line at Rita Company is a highly efficient and advanced system designed to ensure precision and speed in packaging. Each step is carefully orchestrated.

Aluminum cans offer the flexibility of directly printing labels onto the can surface or utilizing a stamping process for labeling. The products enter the shrink wrap machine after labeling, expiry date printing, and prior steps. This machine creates a protective outer film, ensuring the items are shielded. A transparent, seamless wrap contributes to a durable and visually appealing final product.

The final stage involves systematically packing aluminum cans into cartons or trays, with the option for customized quantities to meet diverse market demands. Our aluminum can packing line is not just about efficiency; it's a testament to our commitment to delivering top-quality products to consumers reliably and sustainably.

Aluminum can packaging line    Aluminum Can Packaging Line in Rita Company

Pet & PP Bottle Packaging Line

Similar to the aluminum can line, this packaging machine dedicated to plastic bottles (pet and PP) manages the entire process, from labeling to packing into cartons.

Utilizing an advanced labeling machine ensures the precise and swift application of stickers, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the product. However, the capabilities of this production line extend beyond mere label application. In addition to applying labels, the process encompasses printing expiration dates, segmenting the products into batches, executing shrink-wrapping, and finally, efficiently packaging them into cartons and trays. This comprehensive approach enhances the aesthetic presentation of the product and ensures meticulous attention to detail throughout various stages of the production process.

Rita Packing Line For Pet Bottle Products    Rita Pet Bottle Packaging Line

Paper Box Packaging Line

Packaging paper box beverages involves carefully designing and creating containers that safeguard the beverage and provide convenience, sustainability, and branding opportunities. Paper boxes are popular for packaging beverages due to their eco-friendly nature and versatility.

Typically, paper box product packaging machines go through a filling step as part of their operation.

Initially, the rolled paper undergoes a code stamping process, shaping the outer structure of the product. Subsequently, the machine automatically dispenses the liquid and seals the product. Post-packaging, the machine automatically rolls the straw, following the conveyor belt towards the packaging area.

The product travels along the conveyor belt to the packaging department for ease of transportation, forming bundles of six boxes. These bundles are then packed into cartons or trays, with four bundles per pack. The technical specifications, including date, code, and product name, are printed on each box.

While the overall production process remains consistent, variations may occur depending on the processing methods of different brands. Changes may also be introduced based on the box's size (volume) and design, but the core process remains unchanged.

Paper Box Packaging Line At Rita Company    Rita Packaging Line For Paper Box

Glass Bottle Packaging Line

At Rita Company, our glass bottle packaging production line combines precision and efficiency to achieve the highest packaging quality for our products. The process begins by carefully bringing the glass bottle to the bar, where labeling is meticulously done, contributing to an attractive and branded appearance.

This advanced production line continues beyond labeling, including essential steps such as printing expiration dates, dividing batches, shrink-wrapping six bottles per wrap, and professionally packing glass bottles into cartons or trays. Integrating these steps enhances the final product's aesthetics and demonstrates Rita Company's dedication to delivering with the utmost precision and care. Maintaining a balance between efficiency and quality ensures that our customers receive products promptly, meeting their expectations of excellence and timely delivery.

Rita Packaging line for glass bottle    Glass bottle packaging line of Rita

Rita Company is enhancing and automating production process, a strategic initiative to bolster overall productivity. With these improvements, Rita Company achieves a monthly productivity rate of 500-600 containers, ensuring swift delivery times to meet customer demands efficiently.




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