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Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day – From Rita With Love

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On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day 20.10, Rita Company sent lovely gifts to all female employees.


The small gift represents the dearest wishes to the wonderful, brave, beautiful, and talented women of Rita company. The activity is simple but brings an atmosphere of excitement, warmth, and fun to everyone.


At Rita, besides the best working environment, the company wants to bring a feeling of intimacy like a family. 365 days of the year, Rita wishes you all days bright and cheerful as you are.






Even though you don't have a lovely face or a perfect body, EVERY WOMEN IS BEAUTIFUL IN THE OWN WAY. Your beauty comes from your kindness, personality, temperament, taking care of your family, and doing your best for your career.





Once again, congratulations on Vietnamese Women's Day 20.10 – Congratulations to the beautiful women of Rita company.


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