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RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam!

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Black tea- called red tea in Chinese - is the type of tea that is more oxidized out of all the other teas like white, green and oolong teas. The flavor of black tea is stronger than other tea bases on this intense oxidation.

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Black tea has the bright red water, bold taste, and pleasant aroma (Photo: Internet)


How to make black tea

Traditionally, the production process of black tea always has 5 steps:

Picking: The harvester will pick buds and leaves.

Withering: This step helps to soften the tea leaves; this prepares them for rolling.

Rolling: Either by machine or hand, the leaves are shaped by rolling them. This process wrings out juices and helps facilitate oxidation.

Oxidation: To make black tea, the tea leaves must be oxidized. It means the leaves are exposed to oxygen to create a black or brown color.

Firing: The final step is firing the leaves to stop oxidation and removes moisture from the leaves.



There are many famous types of black tea in the world with different prices from low to high. Depending on the region, soil, processing method, etc., the taste of black tea will be different.

Here are the 5 most famous and most worth enjoying types of black tea.

Ở Anh trà Earl Grey được nhiều người coi là thức uống sang trọng

English Breakfast is a blend of strong traditional black teas (Photo: Internet)

As the name suggests, English Breakfast Black Tea is a perfect match for hearty meals especially British breakfast. English Breakfast black tea is a blend made from 3 types of tea including Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. It has a strong, distinct flavor accompanied by a smell comparable to toast and honey. You can add milk or lemon to enhance the flavor of this tea.

Assam Black Tea

Assam tea is a black tea made in the Assam region in India. This black tea is dark brown, almost red and rich in caffeine. That is the reason why drinking Assam black tea can help you stay awake, especially when you feel tired and sleepy in the afternoon.

Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey is a black tea blend from Chinese teas along with citrus oil. The aroma of these black teas is nutty and woodsy. The citrus oil gives the whole tea a very airy and delicate flavor.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Darjeeling is a Chinese tea that grows in India with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to muscat wine. Darjeeling black tea is special because it is not completely oxidized like other teas. In the upper Darjeeling region, the harvested tea leaves are very fresh and fragrant, so when making black tea, in order to keep the aromatic flavor, the oxidation process will take place incompletely but remain at about 80-90% so that the tea still has a fresh, sweet and fragrant taste.

Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon tea is a tea produced on the island nation of Sri Lanka where its growth is facilitated with the perfect climatic and soil conditions. Most Ceylon tea is orthodox tea, meaning it was processed by hand. This black tea has a citrusy aroma with sweet juicy notes reminiscent of a mandarin peel or grapefruit.



black tea

Black tea has amazing benefits for your body (Photo: Internet)

Increases concentration

Black tea has a stronger taste than other types of tea such as green tea, white tea, chamomile tea, etc. Because it carries more caffeine. When enjoying black tea, this amount of caffeine enhances blood circulation to the brain without overstimulating the heart and helps you concentrate better.

Good for the cardiovascular system

Many studies show that the flavonoid antioxidant compounds in black tea may help to reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol. It also helps to prevent blood clots and improves blood vessel function.

Boosts immunity

A strong immune system helps the body fight off pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Tannin in black tea protects our body from the attack of some diseases such as flu, dysentery, hepatitis, cold.

Good for your teeth

The catechin antioxidant compound in black tea has the ability to reduce the risk of oral cancer. At the same time, black tea also contains fluoride that helps to kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

Reduce stress

A scientific study shows that drinking black tea regularly helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. The L-theanine found in the black tea helps to stimulate the brain, feel relax, and increase memory.

Rich in antioxidants

Thanks to the fermentation process, black tea is rich in catechins, theaflavins, and thearubigins that promote health for the body. Drinking black tea regularly can help to eliminate harmful free radicals, reducing cell damage in the body.

Digestive Support

An important compound present in black tea are tannins that help the digestive system work more efficiently, preventing intestinal inflammation and stomach diseases.


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