Ba Moi’s vineyard in Ninh Thuan

VietNamNet Bridge – Ba Moi’s vineyard has become a popular tourist destination in Ninh Thuan province’s Ninh Phuoc district. The vineyard, famous for producing high-quality grapes through the application of the VietGap cultivation model, has contributed significantly to new rural development in Ninh Thuan.



Ninh Thuan, vineyard, Ba Moi, Eurogap standards

Standing on Mong Bridge, which spans the Dinh River, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Ba Moi’s vineyard. The best time to visit the vineyard is in the summer when the grapes are ripe.

A pioneer in grape and wine production, Ba Moi has helped create a trademark for Ninh Thuan grape. His products are safe and of good quality thanks to his application of VietGap or the Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practice model.

Moi received the VietGap certificate for his products in 2010. He told VOV: "VietGap is not a magic wand that can change Vietnamese farmers’ lives in a blink. It’s a passport to bring our products to the customers by ensuring the products’ quality and safety."

Ba Moi’s vineyard is harvested twice a year, yielding 15 tons each harvest. Each hectare of grapevines earns Ba Moi US$5,000.

He said: “In Ninh Thuan we have more than 200 hectares for growing grapes under VietGAP standards and we have established links between farmers in the region. We have developed a project to help 83 farming households in Phuoc Vinh and Xuan Hai commune obtain a VietGAP certificate. I believe growing grapes will help them reduce poverty.”

Ninh Thuan, vineyard, Ba Moi, Eurogap standards

By producing safe grapes, grape wines, nectar, and jams, hundreds of farming households in Ninh Thuan have developed a grape growing area of 1,100 hectares, supplying quality products for Ba Moi processing facilities.

Ba Moi has been nurturing a dream of introducing Ba Moi and Ninh Thuan grape brand to the world.

He is working towards establishing a modern grape production chain under Switzerland’s Eurogap standards.

Ba Moi said combining grape growing and eco-tourism is one the channels to further spread the popularity of Ba Moi and Ninh Thuan grapes and a good way to promote other farm products of Ninh Thuan Province.


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